Do I qualify to Join?

In order to join as a client for Art + Soul, you must meet the following criteria. 

  • Currently living in a family home on the North Shore of Auckland.
  • Has a recognised disability.
  • Over the age of 21 years and finished full time education.

If you meet the following requirements and would like to consider joining, please email Kate McCollum for further information about our programming and availability. 


What is the on-boarding process?

As part of the client's on-boarding process, a risk assessment and medical report will be completed by our registered nurse, to determine the client's level of ability and care package required.

Once this is complete, and the client is registered to Art + Soul, there is a transition period with extra mentorship. This helps to support clients who are adjusting to their new environment and ensures the client is confident and happy with the way Art + Soul operates. This transition period can differ from client to client, based on their needs. 


How does the care package work?

Once a client is registered and signed up to one of our Art + Soul programmes, a carer will be allocated. The carer will pick up the client from their home to take them to and from their activity. This carer will also remain with with the client throughout the activity.

Our carers have been chosen due to their expertise from nurses, teachers, musicians, artists and social workers, so we can provide the best quality care possible. Together they make a great team, individually they make great carers.

You get to choose from a variety of Art + Soul programmes, located all over the North Shore. As full transportation is included in the Care package, it does not matter where you live on the North Shore of Auckland, we can cater for you.

The age group is 21+ years of age, all activity levels are welcome.


How Do I get Funded and Pay?

There are many ways you can pay for this service, either through individual funding, carers support, daily respite funding and / or personal funding. 

We work on $10.00 dollars an hour if each carer has 3 young adults in their care. If the carer has only one young adult, due to the complexity of care needed, then we charge $30.00 dollars an hour. This can be funded by any of your above government allowances.


For more information, please get in touch.

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